Parenting University

Welcome to Clinton Parenting University

Our Mission

The mission of Clinton Parenting University is to educate and support parents to raise their children in emotionally healthy ways so that their children can thrive personally, socially and academically.

Our Goal

The Clinton Parenting University builds upon families’ strengths by providing parents with the information, skills and principles essential for children to become caring, competent, responsible and resilient.

Our Shared Beliefs

We believe that parenting is the most important job that people have. It is also one of the most difficult and challenging as well as rewarding and enriching of life’s experiences.

We believe there are no perfect parents and no perfect children. All parents deserve credit for their efforts to raise their children well and they are doing the best job they can in their parenting.

We believe that each family is unique and deserves to be highly valued, respected and supported.

We believe that healthy parenting can be learned and it is never too late to make changes that will improve relationships and build a child’s self-esteem.

We offer a preventative, proactive focus toward healthier parenting.

We teach parents skills and information that current research indicates is most effective in creating an environment that produces resilient, confident, socially competent children.

Building upon a family’s existing strengths, we help parents to become critical thinkers, intentional about their parenting decisions, and advocates for their families.

We nurture and empower parents in a safe atmosphere without blame or criticism. This is the optimal learning environment.