Mission and Purpose

About CES

School Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare children to become responsible lifelong learners in order to be successful in a challenging world.

School Arts Integration Program Mission

The mission of Clinton Elementary is to immerse students in the arts to spark curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning.

School Vision

The vision of Clinton Elementary School is to provide a collaborative school environment where students are engaged in and through the arts.

CES’s Goals

1. Increase student achievement through examining student data and providing differentiated instruction aligned to the South Carolina Standards.

2. Increase student achievement through a focus on content literacy and writing by moving students one student at a time.

District's Vision/Mission

District’s Vision: Putting Children First

District’s Purpose: The Lancaster County School District believes in putting our children first by…

  • Providing a comprehensive and challenging curriculum.

  • Providing quality, differentiated instruction for students.

  • Holding all personnel accountable for our students and their learning.

  • Preparing students to be productive citizens in the twenty first century.

  • Promoting the recruitment,development, and retention of quality personnel.

  • Developing partnerships with home and community.

  • Ensuring integrated support services.

  • Providing a safe and supportive environment.

  • Valuing the diversity and individuality of every child.

  • Allocating resources in a responsible and equitable manner.

The students of the Lancaster County School District will…

  • Be competent in academic and life skills necessary to enter the workforce or postpone secondary education.

  • Communicate effectively.

  • Use current technology effectively.

  • Think critically and creatively.

  • Be self-sufficient, responsible citizens and contributing members of society.